"In all thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths."
Proverbs 3:6

Our Company

Tribute to an engineer in overalls

In the early 1960's, a farmer in the heart of the Corn Belt was thoroughly disgusted with the loose steering that caused his wagon to wag aimlessly behind his tractor.

With a dream in his heart and a torch in his hand, he replaced all the worn parts: brackets, bolts, bushings, pins, and clevises with a stub axle that he removed from an old pick-up truck. To this "new king" pin with tapered roller bearings he added a steering frame and tie rods with greaseable ball joints.

When he tested the steering and saw how "E-Z it trailed," he knew in his heart that his wagon would never wag again!

Give God the glory–"necessity" the mother of invention did it again.

Today, thousands of wagons later, exciting as it is, we dare not, by any measure, gloat over our success. All of us at E-Z Trail have a deep appreciation for the family farm, with an urge from childhood: "To get married and live on one"...and "till the ground from whence we came." (Genesis 3:23)

Our commitment to provide products with high limits of performance and excellence may have selfish undertones. But it is also a desire to promote innovative new concepts that will contribute to the continuity of life on the family farm as we know it. A life that others...dream about, and long for.

Or it just may be our attempt to imitate the ways of the man in...overalls.